When your favorite character gets injured



It makes me so happy that Phoenix measures furniture in “Pearls”


when your obsessive special interest suddenly changes and your blog followers are like wtf this isn’t what i signed up for

#hahahaha #AHAHAHAHA

Oh my god is it bad if I fall in love with my own drawing?

#The Bickie speaks #dumb cookie thoughts #because I just might oh god #It's of a canon character for once and it feels wrong #to #but god damn I'm just so proud of myself right now

So I’m drawing someone and I was almost done the head and I wasn’t really feelin’ it like “eh, I can kinda see it…” then I half-assidly scribbled their hair a bit and I FUCKING THREW MY PENCIL AND THREW MY HANDS UP AND THERE THEY FUCKING WERE I COULD SEE IT NOW PERFECTLY WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS

#The Bickie speaks #dumb cookie thoughts


luigi sold mario for 15 dollars





Several of my family members think it’s wrong. Myself and a couple friends think it’s totally okay. I want to know what the rest of you think.

Pssh. I wouldnt let my best friend sleep on the floor! Plus you have a snuggle buddy!

Wrong? Wow, er. That’s awkward, I’ve shared a bed with virtually all my friends.

I really don’t think twice about it. Seems normal to me.